Your IT department needs a marketing strategy

We have been helping many corporates to start their digital transformation engines, a process which requires the involvement and willingness of all the different departments.

IT is obviously a major stakeholder in this shift to digitization. It is striking to see however how many people distrust their internal IT department to embark on this journey. IT is often regarded as out-dated, stubborn, lacking the necessary skills and generally unwilling to help. “They have defaulted to ‘no’.

Clearly, IT departments have a huge image problem. They should be the sparring partner for the business, but in many cases they are seen as a part of the problem.

IT Department

While IT departments should be facilitators of digital transformation, they are being perceived as one of the biggest roadblocks.

Don’t be mistaken however, most IT departments are fully aware they too will have to transform and more than often they are really willing to do so. They are training for new skills, betting on agile development, they understand the power of rapid prototyping and building an MVP (minimum viable product). Meanwhile many CIOs are trying to reinvent their roles, and they are willing to be the digital partner of the business. But perception is reality right?

IT departments are fighting against their own image. They start out on -1 in this whole digital journey. By default, people seem to be sceptic about their abilities and willingness, often fueled by experiences in previous jobs or general prejudices.

I therefore believe that IT departments need a marketing strategy to reposition themselves in the organisation to alter the prejudices and ultimately become the real digital partner.

But of course the story needs to be real, a marketing plan needs to follow the right mindset and IT transformation strategy.

Digital Mindset IT Impact

IT needs to be the partner that is defaulting to ‘yes’, grabbing the opportunity to create value for the business. The time is now to shake hands and move forward as a team to crack the digital code.

Is your IT department ready?


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