Why we choose to underestimate Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is described as one of the “Next big things” by the media, but all the abusers of “the next big thing” have made us numb for such talk. Our friends, family and influencers aren’t really talking about VR, so the debates on what it can potentially change about our lives haven’t really come through yet.

A lot of people also lack the imagination to think of how it could change our lives. We went out into the street to ask a bunch of people what they think the impact will be and how it will be used. Some of the responses (of people who knew what VR is) were:

  • “I think it will mostly be used for movies and probably a lot for porn.”
  • “It would be a lot more real to talk online than on Skype, and it would be cool for gaming if they make it well.”
  • “It’s mostly for games, but I don’t think people are going to want it on their head all day.”
  • “Virtual Reality is overhyped, I think it will pass.”
  • “It may be used for some things, but people are always going to want to experience the real thing more.”
  • “I think it is bad for the world, people are already becoming more antisocial because of their smartphone.”

The overall tone was rather dismissive instead of open-minded. Virtual Reality clearly hasn’t proven itself to the world yet and we’re not taking the word of the media for it.

Most importantly though: we don’t want to think about it, because we are uncertain or even afraid. The thought of becoming dependent on a reality that is completely different from our own is scary, so the easiest thing to do is just letting it be and holding on to our certainty for as long as possible.

From submission to control

We’ve always felt like we were in control of all technological breakthroughs. Like they served us as tools to enrich our lives, but with Virtual Reality this comes to an end.

With a VR set strapped to your head, you feel like something is literally planting stuff into your brain. You feel small and vulnerable, because it seems like you are not the one in control.

Control is one of the few crucial challenges VR needs to overcome to truly reach its potential. Once you feel comfortable with it, you will start to feel in control, and from there on, the possibilities are going to be limitless.

Experience EVERYTHING you can imagine

Have you always wanted to explore space? Now you can. Always wanted superpowers? No problem. Want to visit a place but not travel to it? Right this way.

Check out our slides on how Virtual Reality will change every day things:

As technology continues to develop at a rapid pace, sooner or later we’re going to reach the point where the virtual experience becomes better than the real one. This is increasingly becoming the case for porn, where people can be completely immersed in their personal preference. It is literally taking it to the next level. Check out this great article about that on Techcrunch.

Complete personalization

Virtual Reality KidAs computers learn more about us, we’re moving to a future where they will know exactly what we want, when we want it. This is already how our younger generations are growing up right now: everything on-demand. The only thing we currently know of that can get as close as possible to fulfilling that, is VR.

Are concerned parents going to put a VR set on their children? Sounds unlikely, but walking through a magical forest together with your child doesn’t sound that bad right? It’s just the beginning though. A lot more parents are allowing their kids to play with iPads now than a few years ago as well.

Virtual Reality is here to stay

The thought may scare you, but it is inevitable. There are simply too many possibilities in truly experiencing our imagination. It is only a matter of time before the technology becomes so advanced that we will simply love it and gradually let it into different parts of our lives.

You should start thinking about what it might mean for you or what the opportunities are for your business. Our book on Digital Transformation can guide you in that. It will help you to anticipate the future, so you can take it into your own hands.

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