The Cyborg is upon us: 3 technologies that show us the future

Technology has had a tremendous impact on our daily lives so far, but today we are seeing just the first baby steps of how it will fully integrate and blend into our daily lives. Think of what a smartphone is capable of nowadays, just 10 years ago people could only dream of that. Can you imagine what it will be doing for us (and to us) in another 10 years? If only we knew, it would make our jaws drop.

Smartphones aren’t the only devices that are changing our lives though. Upon the Apple watch release, we already wrote a post about industries that are being disrupted by smartwatches. You have probably also noticed Google Glass and you might have heard of things like the Oculus Rift or Drones.

Just the tip of the iceberg

In the future, everything around us will eventually have built-in apps, sensors, chips and Internet connections (known as the Internet of Things). Now usually when people hear about the Internet of Things, they joke around about their toothbrush or fridge being on the Internet. If you are one of them, maybe it’s time to take technology seriously instead of making fun of it ;-). If your fridge can suggest you recipes based on what is inside, notify you when something is about to be spoiled and show you what is inside wherever you are through an app, then that makes peoples lives easier and it disrupts other companies in the fridge business.

Anyways enough about fridges, let’s look at 3 real gamechangers here. They may not be playing in your industry, but who knows the next one will be. It’s real a challenge for traditional companies to deal with these innovative disruptions, which is why it is important to follow technology blogs as a small player, or to be innovative and work with others if you’re a larger business. You’ll find that most disruptive innovations come from outside the existing playfield, when they should be coming from the inside.

1. The Skully smart motorcycle helmet

We all know driving a motorcycle on the streets can be very dangerous because of cars not seeing you coming. The Skully smart motorcycle helmet will change this and more. It really enhances and simplifies the whole experience of driving a motorcycle and thanks to its crowdfunding campaign, it is already a success before even having been made.

2. Jibo, the world’s first family robot

Jibo is a family robot that will assist you in various things. It has sparked a lot of debate about privacy, but nonetheless, a lot of people seem to be very excited about it. Check out why in the video:

3. Nixie, the selfie drone

There are some serious developments going on with Drones, especially when it comes to making them autonomous. In 2010, a drone was made that could explore and map a building on the inside by itself. We realize that most people won’t need or use this though, so let’s look at something that suits the era of the #selfie. Meet Nixie:

What’s next?

We hope that these 3 examples opened up your eyes to some of the possibilities. The brilliant entrepreneurs in the world will continue to astonish us with their game changing ideas, but while this has many positive outcomes, there are also downsides to it. This last video shows you something you might not want to accept, but it is becoming reality more and more every day.

In our book on Digital Transformation, The Cyborg is one of the metaphors that we use to help you understand the impact of digital on the way we live, work and play. It stands for the changing relationship between people and technology.

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