For decades companies have closely watched their direct competition to anticipate the development of their new products. Imagine your biggest competitor coming up with something revolutionary that you haven’t even researched yet, a nightmare!

Times have changed though. If we look at the past 10 years, almost every disruptive idea in every sector came from outside the industry, usually from the technology sector. The most iconic example of this is the moment when Steve Jobs announced the first iPhone in front of an audience containing dozens of executives from Nokia, Motorola and BlackBerry. They couldn’t believe their eyes. Read More

This is why our 7th Digital Commandment is:


No matter how big you are as a company, always stay humble and keep an eye on the ball. Too many people in large companies are making fun of new or small players in their industry, instead of investigating what they are really up to. In many cases, execs are not even aware of their existence. Startups are thriving on this arrogance of traditional companies. Digital has enabled them to bring multinationals to their knees.

Derailed train

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