Most companies focus on high revenues, low costs and big profits. Digital disruptors however, do things differently. They focus on market share and long-term potential, instead of short-term monetization and earnings.

Disruptors and their investors are willing to sacrifice their profits in the short-term, to ensure a long-term global success. And it’s not just the rising startups following this course.

Amazon 20 years

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We are seeing digital disruption happen in many sectors, yet somehow, a lot of companies still believe that their sector is safe and will continue to be for a long time. “People are still going to need my product or service.” Right, that is what a lot of companies said that have now disappeared, but in the end, the consumer wants to have things that are easy, that add value, that are done well. If you’re not the best provider of that anymore, they will move on sooner or later, no matter how big you are.
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