Digital Transformation

The finance sector and specifically banks, have been under a lot of pressure over the past years. Alongside the market challenges such as low interest rates, we’re seeing hundreds of new Fintech challengers emerge with over $10 Billion collective funding per year.

These challenges are forcing banks to make tough strategic decisions. At the start of 2016, we worked together with Belfius PCB to help them do that.

The result

The result of the project was:

  1. A clear view on how the future of Public, Social and Corporate Banking may develop.
  2. A strategy to play a strong role in that future.
  3. A list of concrete projects to start working towards it.

Soon after we returned to guide Belfius PCB in the development of these business plans, to help them turn these into speedboats alongside the corporate mothership.

We sat down with Dirk Gyselinck, member of the management committee, to talk about the process and the challenges of transformation.

Check out the full interview below:

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We’ve analyzed tons of disruptive players when we were writing our book on Digital Transformation. We discovered 7 similarities and call them “The 7 Metaphors of Digital Disruption“. We saw that all the disruptors score high on these drivers of transformation while traditional players have trouble with these metaphors. The new players are attacking you on every level.

How can you defend your business from these new players in your market? You should learn how they operate and try to implement (elements of) the business models of disruptive companies.

We’ve made a presentation that guides you through ten business models of hyper disruptors that we found inspiring. We hope you do too.

Please let us know your thoughts about it!

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