How Disney is putting its magic in Digital Transformation

We’re always looking around for organizations with strong digital transformation efforts. They are not only great examples for our clients, but also help our methodology to evolve, like the future does.

Disney is one of the best examples we have come across thus far. Of course it is easy to think that this is just because they are big enough and have enough resources to be a leader, but we see plenty of other large companies that aren’t innovating much. They all have their own complexities of course, but it is a chicken and egg problem.

The answer as to why Disney is doing so great is in the mindset of their people. They make sure everyone in the company understands digital and they research it unlike any other organization we have seen before.

This short presentation we made shows off their leadershipinvestments and some of their amazing efforts in research and innovation. We hope they will inspire you!

If you want to take your future into your own hands, you should take initiatives too. Our book on Digital Transformation can be a great start to help you prepare your business for a digital future.

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