Jo Caudron and Dado Van Peteghem are the managing partners of DearMedia, a consulting company that helps companies deal with digital strategy and transformation.

Digital Transformation

De Persgroep was one of our first Digital Transformation clients, as media was one of the first sectors to feel the power of digital disruption.

We helped De Persgroep with their transformation strategy and sat down with CEO Koen Verwee to talk about the changing media landscape, their transformation journey and most importantly, their realisations.

Check out the full interview below:

You can check out Topics which Koen spoke about in the interview here.

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Digital Transformation

Best Digital Transformation Book

After several years, our book has been sold in over 45 countries and we’re proud of that! Thank you everyone for your support, we hope you’ve already taken the first steps in your transformation.

We recently released the new edition with several new chapters on “The mindset of your Challengers”, “How to service different generations as an organisation” and “How to build your Transformation Fleet”.

If you’re interested, you can order the book here, or perhaps it is a nice Christmas present for someone you know 🙂

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We have been helping many corporates to start their digital transformation engines, a process which requires the involvement and willingness of all the different departments.

IT is obviously a major stakeholder in this shift to digitization. It is striking to see Read More


How can your organization create meaningful change in the world if it doesn’t know what the world is going to look like? This is why we always start our Digital Transformation workshops or presentations by inspiring and opening the eyes of our public or workgroup. We show them examples of players that are disrupting their sector today and others that may do so in the future. Read More


Karel-Jan Vercruysse from deJuristen

Whether you call it disruptive or ‘plain and simple’ innovative, Ghent-based law firm deJuristen definitely knows how to keep things interesting. They not only approach the ‘old’ legal business in new, fascinating ways, but also keep an eye out for different opportunities that may seem a bit odd for a law firm at first. When they introduced a new marketplace for consumers and local farmers to connect with each other (, we just had to reach out for a chat with Karel-Jan Vercruysse, partner at deJuristen to talk about their company, disruption and the digital transformation of the legal profession.

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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is described as one of the “Next big things” by the media, but all the abusers of “the next big thing” have made us numb for such talk. Our friends, family and influencers aren’t really talking about VR, so the debates on what it can potentially change about our lives haven’t really come through yet. Read More


You have undoubtedly heard countless references to Generation Z, Millennials, Baby boomers, etc. and how these different generations approach digital, but what does this really mean for your business? How do you keep attracting all of these people to your offering now that some people shop online more and visit less stores, while others don’t use modern technologies. Read More

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